01 I am the first gay man my father met.

02 My father is the first man I have met.


03 My father tells me I need to work out.

04 I tell my father he needs to work in.


05 I sleep with strangers so I can keep warm.

06 My father likes the cold so he sleeps alone.


07 My father is the reason I drink water when I am hungry.

08 I am the reason my father drinks.


09 I am afraid of dating a white man because I can’t explain my father to him.

10 My father is scared to remarry because he doesn’t want to explain me to her.


11My father tells me all about the women he fucked while in the Air Force.

12 I tell my father I am a virgin.


13 I want to be an assertive adjective.

14 My father wants me to be a verb.

Catfished from Honolulu, Hawai'i with a disgustingly generous financial aid package, Albert Lee is a junior at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.