October 7, 2017

Was music journalism a long-time dream for you, or did the job find you? (And, same question about being a poet; was it something that always interested you, or recently?)

Yeah, so I think that I found a way to transfer my natural skill of rambling somewhat excitedly and sometimes incoherently about music, and I have been lucky to have venues and places that let me do that in print. I really believe in pop culture criticism as a way to lend an importance to that which is sometimes dismissed by larger establishments and academia and generation...

August 26, 2017

The wonderful poem you're republishing with us, "Why We Don't Have Children," was originally in Rattle. Could you talk a little bit about your decision to take it off?

Rattle has a mixed history. On the one hand, it does publish some absolutely amazing poems by amazing poets — right now I'm thinking specifically about Tiana Clark, Jennifer Givhan, and Zeina Hashem Beck, but there are plenty others. On the other hand, they've been supportive of poets who I can only describe as problematic and when questioned or critiqued about this support, th...

July 16, 2017

I'm really curious about your background as a child of Polish and Cuban parents, which is just such a unique perspective to bring into writing. My own parents are Russian immigrants, and their stories and experiences have been a central part of my writing. How did your parents come to America? Were they immigrants or the children of immigrants?

So my dad left via Cubana de Aviació, a small propeller jet that looked like it might not make the very short journey to Miami, as he tells me today. He & his sister, mother, & father left from Havana,...

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