this is the act of igniting a self without fire to the body. the skin catches the flames of fireflies in

the dark, the body smells like preservative perfume for the dead. blood stains can be enough of a

body soaked in a cup of red wine to pay tribute to a dead father. I say love, a fire ignites from the

eyes: I see my reflection as a shadow of dust kissing the wind. silence sets the night ablaze like

fire crowning a rooftop as a woman communes with the moon, teaches her body the art of

trapping a raging sea inside a raindrop. the only difference between silence and demise is the

croaks of ravens worshipping my father's body. the body is a will, grief inherits the flesh the way

blood unfurls stains on white paper. memory undresses late at night as the radio plays softly

across the room like emotional worship in the mouth of God. my mother's body is a bird

drowning underwater. the weight of grief is too much for a body still nursing the absence of God.

a woman's face is memory in disguise: her left eye holds fishes breathing underwater, the right

eye is fire on a rooftop —this is memory all in one body. I say water, my body transforms into a

fish hooked down by memory bait. the closest thing to loss is my father's mouth flooded with

blood like close relationship between rainfalls and holes.

Jonathan Endurance is a Nigerian poet and student whose work has appeared in or forthcoming in Eunoia Review, The Rising Phoenix Review, DeLuge, Coldnoon, Canvas, Brittle Paper, and other literary journals. He was a joint winner of the maiden edition of Calabar Festival Poetry Competition(2016). His unpublished poem won UNESCO Sponsored Prize for the 14th edition of Castello Di Duino Poetry Competition and he also went further to have his poem selected for publication in the 15th edition of the same competition. Say hello on (Twitter @joepoet_) (Instagram @joepoet_) and (Facebook @Jonathan Endurance).